Sunday, December 2, 2012

Abundance Explodes

Mi Madre Tienes Muchas Caras
by Richard Cutshall
Mixed Media on Paper 42" X84"
Richard has been no stranger to great art news since relocating to Portland...he has been in so many great shows and it seems they just keep on coming.

He has so much to look forward to...the following group shows are just a snapshot of the great things to come for the visionary artist, Richard Cutshall.

*Paper in Particular Columbia College in Missouri opening  (2/3/2012-3/3/2013)

*Tales They Told Us 3/22/2013-5/12/2013

*9x12 Works On Paper Current show, Fort Worth Community Arts Center (11/19/2012-12/2012)

*Mount Hood Community College Fcaulty Show Gresham, OR 1/3/2013-2/3/2013

*Linn Benton Community College and Mount Hood Community College Faculty Show at Clatsop Community College, Astoria, OR, 1/10/2013-2/14/2013

Abundance seems to be exploding for Richard and we couldn't feel happier!  I feel so proud to know that his  years of dedication and hard work are being recognized.  I know the best is yet to come and I can't wait to pop the cork when that watershed event materializes.

"Abundance Explodes"
by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall
Pen and Ink with watercolor on Paper
9 x 12
I too feel fortunate for being selected for the following upcoming shows:

*Feature Artist, Art on the Ridge, Seattle, WA (December 2012)

*99% Show, Rogue Community College, Grants Pass, OR (December 2012)

*9 x 12 Works On Paper, Fort Worth Community Arts Center (11/19/2012-12/2012)

*Au Natural International Exhibition, Clatsop Community College, Astoria, OR (2/21/2013-3/28/2013)

This time of year encourages reflection. We have been blessed and we are truly grateful.  We are thankful for our collectors, not just for their support, but for their attachment to our vision and their abilty to celebrate our process.
 It was about a year ago when we opened our etsy shop ( and we are so happy that we did.  We've met the most amazing people through our shop.  We are grateful every day for our etsy shop and our etsymates.  You know who you are...I did not want to list names (for privacy reasons), but you have been a gift to us.

The success of any artist may seem like a lonely affair and in a way it can be, but it is the procession of followers that propel our sails, so thank you during this season of exploding abundance. 
Thank you to our collectors, our etsymates, thank you Ron ( for always helping with techno, support, and humor. Thank you, thank you Betty...
  And thank you Beverly and Jerry, thank you, thank you, thank you (I truly tear up when I think of you, you are angels to us).  You are as much a part of the work as the paint and the canvas!  
by Richard Cutshall
Mixed Media on Paper
78" x 44.5"
May we always be blessed by a flowing Procession...

post by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Home Gallery, A Collector's Paradise

Snapshot of the home gallery of one of our collectors
(Pictured on back wall is the work of Santa Fe artist Kelly Moore. His piece, "Spotted Pony" and one of my (Jennifer Gillia Cutshall) pieces "The Night Still Sobs for Those Favored Hills" hangs on the side wall)
A home that's full of art creates an artful home and one that spurs great conversation and encourages visitors' return.  

As with any great collection it always starts with one piece. That one special work that steals the breath and reminds the viewer that they crave more substantial concerns than ringtones and overpriced coffee.

We crave things that will outlast is elemental to want to witness some part of a legacy.  And through our vision and foresight become a part of it.  Ask any collector why he collects and you will see passion, determination, and romance spill out from every pore.  And why not?  Our collections and our art tell our story.
Gua Tewet, the tree of life, Borneo,Indonesia.
As a young girl in a walk up apartment in Brooklyn I saved every penny to buy additions to my coveted collections.  I collected Breyer horses and Steiff stuffed animals.
"Chocolate Cake"
My First Breyer Horse (not the actual one)
  When the doorbell rang, I peered out the window to see the brown UPS truck. 

 I soared down all 4 flights of stairs to grab the box.  I couldn't wait to open those Breyer horse boxes and close my eyes to breathe in that new Breyer horse smell...a true collector at age 7!
There are incredible collectors out there, collecting amazing things...
Ray Bandar, 50  years of collecting thousands of animal bones.
My husband and I hear the call to collect and we are drawn to art, masks (a sampling of our collection pictured below),...

unusual ceramic pieces and mugs...

and a scary amount of books...

Nowadays Rich and I find ourselves on the other side of the table... surprised by collectors' appreciation for our work.  It's refreshing to hear how many people want to add original art to their home collections.  

People of all ages are enjoying art at relatively affordable prices.  I'm always thrilled to hear a young collector tell us that they've been saving in order to purchase their first piece of original art.  
An avid art collector recently sent a wonderful email to us, an excerpt of what Laura wrote:
 "My private world has become more beautiful with each new artistic voice that comes into my home, much like a chiseled crystal that refracts seemingly colorless light into rainbows as it turns."

Her words are like poetry to us!

R U New to buying art?
 Consider the following:
*Start by learning what you like
*Read about art and art collecting  (libraries have great resources)
 *Visit museums and galleries
*Get gallery guides
*Talk to gallery personnel
* Go to art openings
*Talk to other collectors
*Get involved in the local/regional art scene (volunteer)
*Attend art fairs
*join an online art forum
*go on an art lovers vacation 
*always buy work that you love 
*buy work that moves you
*learn about the artist 
(this can be as simple as googling the name
 or as involved as contacting dealers and more)

To help you get started on your next art vacation, a few helpful links to Gallery Guides follow:
Santa FE, NM:

Houston, TX



Ashland, OR

Seattle, WA

Portland, OR
Every Fall in Portland you can tour artist studios:

And if you do travel to the fair city of Roses on an art vacation, please contact us to schedule a studio visit:

If you are stuck at home and can't make it out to view art live, the internet has so many art sites for collecting art...

We have an etsy shop (and there are thousands of artists on Etsy, too)
Visit our shop:

You can convo us directly from our Etsy shop and we are happy to visit with art enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Collectors fill in the gap between the piece and its' destiny.  When we finish a piece...we move on. Hopefully the collector moves in and sees a life for the piece.  It is a beautiful relief!

Our collections bring the sweetest flowers to remind us to stop and breathe in...
Detail from, "You Always Bring The Sweetest Flowers"
by Richard Cutshall
Private Collection

Post by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Hunter's Moon Warms the Night

There's no mistaking the hunter's moon. It's the brightest moon of all the seasons and it comes just in time...when the days are getting shorter.  It beckons the hungry hunter soul through the woods toward the clearing.

The Hunting Party
by Richard Cutshall
The Clearing
by Jennifer G Cutshall

Couples draw into eachother as fruit ripens...

The Couple
by Richard Cutshall

Detail from Ripened
by JG Cutshall

While a sinister sweetness bids murders of magpies to the streets...

The Light At the End of the Street
by JG Cutshall

Who's There
by Richard Cutshall

Who's there?

the shadows speak volumes

Speaking Volumes
by Richard Cutshall

and hills of chocolate are devoured

by Jennifer G Cutshall
by Richard Cutshall
As winter steals autumns' last breath the shine of the apple rolls into the earth and a path begs memories...
Winter Path
by Jennifer G Cutshall

A Rotting
By Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

Rainin’ buckets 
on pumpkins as big as moons
Stranded berries rot behind wire
constant dribbling
of input
like too much rain


roots need stretching
vines need curling

seedlings wither
 on the cushioned rump

wolves skulk the parks
schooling birds
to sing

 I can't believe how quickly the seasons turn.  May the hunter's moon brighten your nights and bring a winter' cache to your door.

Fill the coming season with great art...visit our etsy shop.

Thanks for visiting our blog.
We apprecaite it.
Post by JG Cutshall

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fare Thee Well...

The Flow Burns Strongest In Gaps
Jennifer G Cutshall
This last day of the Portland Open Studios was bittersweet. It was sweet to have so many artists and art lovers visit the studio, but I was sad that it was coming to an end.

I was filled with inspiration as visitors shared their musings and insights.  Portland is filled with creative, talented people and this showed up even more today as the studio filled with open, generous folks.  I am always surprised by the level of interest in the work, too.

A trio of young creatives (Eilish, Jessica, and TJ) pampered me with attention and interest.  They asked about the my process and the meaning behind the pieces.  When I started to explain how the above piece speaks to the chances we are given while we are in an in between phase (in between jobs, moves, marriages etc.)..that it's in these gaps, so to speak, where the greatest art is created and when we are closest to the flow (the creative flow)...

Jessica, quoted a line from Wendell Berry's poem, "The Real Work"
       "...the impeded stream is the one that sings."

I instantly felt so lucky to be among kindred spirits!

Fare thee well Portland Open Studios 2012...
we're in the gap until 2013...
our chance to make streams sing...
the real work begins again.

"It Lives and Dies In Cerrillos"
by Jennifer G Cutshall
(now @ Art On the Ridge in Setatle)

Posted by Jennifer G Cutshall

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Less is More

I preach that less is more in art (and in life) and today this sentiment proved true again.
Rain -the scene this morning outside the studio
the painted scene inside the Studio on the wall
This mornings' Portland Open Studios' second opener brought buckets of rain to the studio door, but not even a trickling of visitors spilled in until...

...the sun poured in! And along with it- a great collector named Duane.  He came in like a ray of sunshine.
You can find out more about Duane Snyder through his blog:
or his website

  He was closely followed by a lovely family of burgeoning art critics...
Zeeman and Jayden taking a closer look at
"From Limb to Limb"
"This one looks like a bug's eye view and this other one looks like a dream tornado destroying the nightmare,"commented young Zeeman.

"Or an Ocean City," his liitle brother Jayden added.

A trio of lovely ladies bustled in with great energy and attentive ears for my art ramblings...
Liz, Jacqueline, and Mickey
in front of "PreOcuppied II and Surrounded"
I really enjoyed talking with these fellow artists and it was neat to have a cast member from "Portlandia" in my studio (Mickey Ronningen in the yellow jacket).  I loved meeting these ladies!

Then I had the great pleasure of meeting Halina and Charla (below)...they asked such great questions...they could host their own talk show.
I had so much fun talking with them, too!

It was a day with less visitors, but I felt so blessed to meet the ones that stopped by...
 I hope my Portland Open Studios'  mates had the pleasure of meeting these amazing folks too.
Visit Portland Open Studios website to learn more about this uniquely PDX experience and come out tomorrow to meet 100 artists...
Thanks to all the great studio visitors made my day!

Post by Jennifer G Cutshall

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Opening Day

A shot of studio, all gussied up for Portland Open Studios Tour
This is my first year participating in the Portland Open Studios tour.   Rich and I had to clear out some of our studios to showcase my work and make room for the tour goers.  It felt good to get out from under layers of charcoal dust and paint splatter that had accumulated since our move to Portland.  Now I'm not saying that we don't clean up regularly, but I'll admit that we hadn't done an every nook and cranny clearing out in a while.   After all, our studios are in a 3 car garage structure, so it was easy to have that garage standard (of clean)... until Portland Open Studios, that is.  One of the visitors today even expressed a little disappointment at the cleanliness of the studio (I felt a pang of pride).
"Where's the paint splatter, the mess, the dust?" she asked.  "All the studios we've been to are all cleaned up."
There were so many great visitors today.  Interested and curious people that love to look at art (my favorite kind of people).  I kept thinking, this is such a great city to live in....a great city for artists!
Thanks for coming out to visit the studio...there are 3 more days of over 100 studios to see...
Learn more at:

I hope to see you at the studio...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our Favorite Art Supply Stores

Studio Cat 

It's no surprise that we love art supplies; all artists do.  The same way great chefs love fresh ingredients, artists seem to be drawn to the supplies that make their creative juices simmer!
 Here in Portland there's a virtual plethora of great independent art supply stores and we feel so lucky!  Sometimes we just browse the aisles and talk about how we could use different materials in the future.

We picked our top 3 favorite (all time) art supply stores below.  We encourage our readers to visit these independent beauties and leave the Chain Beasts behind for good...

In Portland we love
 "I've Been Framed"
4950 SE Foster Rd
Portland OR
for Great prices, the best framing guys,  knowledgeable staff, and just the right amount of Hodge Podge Savoir-faire

In New Mexico
"Artisan-Santa Fe"
for great prices, community engagement, and proximity to great green chile!
2601 Cerrillos Road
Santa, Fe, NM

And the # 1 pick ...
is from my hometown (New York)
"Pearl Paint"
for its' creaky stairs, its'many levels...
an entire landing is dedicated to mostly pencils...enough said, right?
but there's so much more...its proximity to great dumplings and pork buns... shop at Pearl Paint in New York is to imagine greatness...

We invite you to leave a comment and tell us about your favorite art supply store...
share the love for the little guy...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Portland Open Studios Hit it Out of the Park...

Portland Open Studios at Directors Park

Portland Open Studios hit it out of the park yesterday...Directors Park that is, in downtown Portland.  I had a grand time doing a couple of quick portrait paintings yesterday among all the talent and skyscrapers. I couldn't even look away long enough for a good pose (above) much art, so much  color, so much fun!

And I love being hemmed in by's as cozy as a forest, but with more faces.

I was just one of many who peppered the park with a little extra spice.  I got to hold court with the following fabulous Portland Open Studios artists:
Christopher Bibby,, Jason Kappus, Suzy Kitman, Carolyne Landon, Patrick Noe, Theresa Andreas-O’Leary, Barbara Paanakker,  Yer Vue, and many more.

It was like the perfect appetizer before the main entree to come...

There was a fabulous model to draw inspiration from...

I hope you had a chance to visit Directors Park, but if you didn't...please be part of the Portland Open Studios Tour this fall.  Autumn begs a change in palette!

Read more about the Portland Open Studios tour here:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're Falling for the Northwest

by Jennifer G Cutshall
Mixed Media on Canvas
48" x 60"
It seems like we are finally falling for the Northwest.  New Mexico was hard to leave and even harder  to forget...
but there's something about the crispness of the air, the rustling of the leaves. Everything and everyone in Portland seems destined for this autumnal season.  There's a bounty to harvest  everywhere...
every neighborhood boasts voluptuous tomatoes plants on sidewalk paths. Chinese lanterns hug the edges of stone cellars while pumpkin vines creep onto the roadways tickling bikers as they zoom by...
How can we resist Portland?  It seems made for us to love...

And to mirror the bounty that surrounds us we've been blessed to be featured in several shows this fall.

The Weeping Field
by Richard Cutshall
11.5" x  6"
In addition to his current work available at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Richard has a new piece  (The Weeping Field) selected for the Fall show. The Fall show opens Friday October 19, 2012 from 5PM - 8PM.

Bridging The Gap
by Jennifer G Cutshall
36" x 48"
Two of Jennifer's pieces were selected for the 99% show at the Wiseman Gallery at Rogue Community College.  Show runs from Halloween through December 7, 2012.

Jennifer has also been invited to be the feature artist at Art on The Ridge Gallery in Seattle from October through December...more information will be posted soon.

And Jennifer's work will be showcased  as part of the Portland Open Studios Tour which opens our studio to the public.

If you're in the Northwest this fall it's ripe with art...
we invite you to view:
Richard at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery:
Jennifer has 3 pieces at the Pittock:
Jennifer is a featured artist in the juried Portland Open Studios tour:
99% show at the Wiseman Gallery at RCC(2 of Jennifer's pieces):

We hope you will stop by to see the bounty of art in the Northwest...there's so much out there!

And if you do come to PDX this fall be sure to visit Guardino Gallery, too.  Stephanie Brockway curates an awesome Day of the Dead show at Guardino Gallery in the Alberta Arts District:

We're happy to be a small part of the haunting theater that is the Northwest...harvest art here this fall!

Posted by Jennifer G. Cutshall

Saturday, September 8, 2012

You are cordially invited...

"Peripheral Coney Island Shine"
by Jennifer G Cutshall
21" X 28"
Mixed Media on Canvas

This fall we invite you into 3 Spirits Studio in Portland, Oregon (as part of the Portland Open Studios Tour) to view work by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall.

"The Light At The End of The Street"
by Jennifer G Cutshall
Mixed Media on Canvas
18" X 18"
Jennifer was selected to be part of this fall's Portland Open Studios tour.
For more tour information about Portland Open Studios and their showcasing of more than 100 artists in the metro area, click the link below:

"Seeds Escape With the Wind"
by Jennifer G Cutshall
Mixed Media on Canvas
24" X 30"

by Jennifer G Cutshall
Acrylic on Canvas
17" X 24"

"The Timekeepers Pendulum"
by Jennifer G Cutshall
Acrylic on Canvas
52" X 52"