Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Sizzling Spectacle

Detail of
Irfan Önürmen 

Panic, 2009 
Dimensions vary
C24 Gallery, Chelsea

A recent visit to NY proved to be steamy, pungent, and ripe with art...
As a native New Yorker I know that summertime in NY has its' challenges.  The temperatures, moreover the humidity marinates everything (including the garbage) into a sweltering stew... melding things together, but like anything great, there's always a price...
 and the heat and the olfactory assault seems a mere morsel (to pay) for the bounty of high art that fills every nook and cranny.  The artists we saw used materials in such a grounding way; creating  the permanency and timelessness that calls to the soul...
Irfan Önürmen 
Panic, 2009 
Dimensions vary
C24 Gallery, Chelsea
The use of newspaper in the above work seems to bring it back home (to the source)...the figure stands like a tree looking back at the work created from its' very being.

Evocative art  abounded in Chelsea galleries...
Installation view of Nicole Eisenman
@Leo Koenig Inc. in Chelsea

Monotype on paper
by Nicole Eisenman

One of our favorite stops on our trek around Chelsea was at Leo Koenig Inc. where we saw the raw work of Nicole Eisenman and Christopher Astley.  The charming and helpful staff was an added bonus.
Detail of Christopher Astley's installation, Mayhap
@ Leo Koenig, Inc. in Chelsea

by Hector Leonardi
now at Dillon Gallery in Chelsea
Dillon gallery was a breath of fresh air, literally.  They commission a scent artist for every show and Hector Leonardi's show was not only a stunning visual feast, but...
breathtaking, too...a refreshing relief from the a spa visit (our senses were satiated).
Print by Alex Van Gelder
 @ the Cheim & Reid Gallery in Chelsea

Section of installation by Bianca Casady
@ the Cheim & Reid Gallery in Chelsea
Cheim and Reid had haunting exhibits that capped off our day.

We visited well over 20 galleries in Chelsea and we still have over 200 to go in Chelsea alone!  It's hard to imagine anything better than art in matter the time of year... is as good as it gets...

JG Cutshall

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  1. Most interesting post, loved the pictures, I went to New York last year it was hot then. Thanks for showing pictures I would never think of going to see.