Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coolest Ink, Smoothest Drink in PDX

Proud Winner (me)

Rich and I had a smooth night with the fine folks at the Virginia Cafe.  We walked in and the cool air and soulful tunes from the jukebox surrounded us and a well inked young man beckoned us to pick a spot.
Zombie Josh, our fine server at VC in PDX 

  I love to sit in booths and their well seasoned dark wood nooks did not disappoint.  As soon as I sat I felt the history of all those good times before...A glance at the back of the menu proved my antenna for past shadows correct.  Virginia Cafe was established almost 100 years ago in 1914.
Lovely light fictures and signs abound at VC

My hubby is his namesake & aptly surrounded by gold tones

Sipping a drink in a perfectly lit and time honored bar seduces the senses like a fine gem and glistens like a firefly in a jar...capturing the hope of an early spring...

Burgers are delicious
& the tater tots (I had) die for
 This place is the perfect spot if you like bar room ambiance, excellent pub fare, friendly folks (with gorgeous tattoos), and a memorable juke box mix .  It also hits a pitch perfect note of nostalgia  (you can't manufacture this type of atmosphere either, it comes from years of service and great food and drink).
We capped off the night with a sinfully luscious irish coffee...
A warm, but not too sweet perfect end to the perfect night...

the art in great service by Zombie Josh
 I felt so lucky to be one of the winners (in February) of the annual lip print contest...I had to blow Rich a kiss...
just for you...
Thanks VC...we will be back
Posted by Jennifer G Cutshall