Sunday, September 30, 2012

Portland Open Studios Hit it Out of the Park...

Portland Open Studios at Directors Park

Portland Open Studios hit it out of the park yesterday...Directors Park that is, in downtown Portland.  I had a grand time doing a couple of quick portrait paintings yesterday among all the talent and skyscrapers. I couldn't even look away long enough for a good pose (above) much art, so much  color, so much fun!

And I love being hemmed in by's as cozy as a forest, but with more faces.

I was just one of many who peppered the park with a little extra spice.  I got to hold court with the following fabulous Portland Open Studios artists:
Christopher Bibby,, Jason Kappus, Suzy Kitman, Carolyne Landon, Patrick Noe, Theresa Andreas-O’Leary, Barbara Paanakker,  Yer Vue, and many more.

It was like the perfect appetizer before the main entree to come...

There was a fabulous model to draw inspiration from...

I hope you had a chance to visit Directors Park, but if you didn't...please be part of the Portland Open Studios Tour this fall.  Autumn begs a change in palette!

Read more about the Portland Open Studios tour here:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're Falling for the Northwest

by Jennifer G Cutshall
Mixed Media on Canvas
48" x 60"
It seems like we are finally falling for the Northwest.  New Mexico was hard to leave and even harder  to forget...
but there's something about the crispness of the air, the rustling of the leaves. Everything and everyone in Portland seems destined for this autumnal season.  There's a bounty to harvest  everywhere...
every neighborhood boasts voluptuous tomatoes plants on sidewalk paths. Chinese lanterns hug the edges of stone cellars while pumpkin vines creep onto the roadways tickling bikers as they zoom by...
How can we resist Portland?  It seems made for us to love...

And to mirror the bounty that surrounds us we've been blessed to be featured in several shows this fall.

The Weeping Field
by Richard Cutshall
11.5" x  6"
In addition to his current work available at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Richard has a new piece  (The Weeping Field) selected for the Fall show. The Fall show opens Friday October 19, 2012 from 5PM - 8PM.

Bridging The Gap
by Jennifer G Cutshall
36" x 48"
Two of Jennifer's pieces were selected for the 99% show at the Wiseman Gallery at Rogue Community College.  Show runs from Halloween through December 7, 2012.

Jennifer has also been invited to be the feature artist at Art on The Ridge Gallery in Seattle from October through December...more information will be posted soon.

And Jennifer's work will be showcased  as part of the Portland Open Studios Tour which opens our studio to the public.

If you're in the Northwest this fall it's ripe with art...
we invite you to view:
Richard at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery:
Jennifer has 3 pieces at the Pittock:
Jennifer is a featured artist in the juried Portland Open Studios tour:
99% show at the Wiseman Gallery at RCC(2 of Jennifer's pieces):

We hope you will stop by to see the bounty of art in the Northwest...there's so much out there!

And if you do come to PDX this fall be sure to visit Guardino Gallery, too.  Stephanie Brockway curates an awesome Day of the Dead show at Guardino Gallery in the Alberta Arts District:

We're happy to be a small part of the haunting theater that is the Northwest...harvest art here this fall!

Posted by Jennifer G. Cutshall

Saturday, September 8, 2012

You are cordially invited...

"Peripheral Coney Island Shine"
by Jennifer G Cutshall
21" X 28"
Mixed Media on Canvas

This fall we invite you into 3 Spirits Studio in Portland, Oregon (as part of the Portland Open Studios Tour) to view work by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall.

"The Light At The End of The Street"
by Jennifer G Cutshall
Mixed Media on Canvas
18" X 18"
Jennifer was selected to be part of this fall's Portland Open Studios tour.
For more tour information about Portland Open Studios and their showcasing of more than 100 artists in the metro area, click the link below:

"Seeds Escape With the Wind"
by Jennifer G Cutshall
Mixed Media on Canvas
24" X 30"

by Jennifer G Cutshall
Acrylic on Canvas
17" X 24"

"The Timekeepers Pendulum"
by Jennifer G Cutshall
Acrylic on Canvas
52" X 52"