Saturday, June 9, 2012

In Pursuit...

"Fools' Gold" 
Image by
Richard Cutshall
4" X 4"

He panned for days, for months, years...


a lifetime...

was it the panning that made him a fool
was it the glint in his eye every time the sun hit the pyrite just right?

so here we are
artists panning

for what...

 a thumbs up?

a like?

a follow?

a re-post?

In comparison he was the lucky one
with the sun on his back
the moon for a night light ...

and an endless supply of hope in his heart.

We keep panning...
 but we try to remember that the treasure is far from the pan...

Blessings to all artists...

may the pyrite in your pan turn to gold
may you find the beauty
under the dust...

JG Cutshall
Image : "It Lives & Dies in Cerrillos"
by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

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