Friday, June 15, 2012

His Work Steals My Breath...

Eternal Crown
image by Richard Cutshall
22" X 30'
Mixed Media on Paper

It's rare to view work that moves something inside of you...
work that stops you dead in your tracks...
work that steals your breath.

I feel so blessed to view (and live with) 
the work of Richard Cutshall.  
He ceaselessly delivers the type of work that artists admire...
he is truly an artists' artist.

His work doesn't sit stagnantly on a wall...
it seems to move or
transform, pulling the viewer in with its'
 hauntingly poignant content...
how can we turn away?  

Why would we?

At a time when so many artists are striving to say something...
forcing work that they think will get noticed...
Richard creates work from the depths
 of somewhere most of us can never access.

I hope one day you will have the privilege of viewing his work live. 

 Recently 5 pieces were selected to be included in the 
Rental Sales Gallery at
 The Portland Art Museum in 
Portland, Oregon.   
(show opens on June 23, 2012 
& these 5 pieces will be available for viewing for
 several months)

I will be posting photos of these 5 works in days to come, so please check back often.

And feel the power of work
 that begs eternity...

JG Cutshall


  1. Enjoyed your post and I wish you every success with your blog.
    Thanks for joining my followers, I have returned the compliment.


  2. Thanks so much. Your blog is so forthcoming and direct... it was irresistible.