Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Weight (and Lightness) Of It All...

"The Weight Of It All"
Image by Richard Cutshall
See it now at The Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery

         When we make work the weight of it seems to stay with us, until we reveal it to a larger audience...
then it seems light, almost distant (like it was never ours to begin with).  

Richard and I spent countless hours and many sleepless nights these past weeks preparing for upcoming shows. 
 I am so grateful to Richard for his help in preparing for my show in Texas.
 He sacrificed so much and almost missed his opening.

We had to help lift the 350 lb. crate (that Richard built to hold my work) onto the truck.  
The driver was 5 hours late.

After the crate was finally picked up...
 only 30 minutes remained of opening night...

We drove, parked, and walked to a splendid sight...

 ...a lovely opening at The Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery.
Richard's work majestically graced a back wall.
Art enthusiasts sprang up like daisies brightening the evening with warmth and an earnest vigor for everything art, everything Portland!

There's great work at the PAM Rental Sales Gallery these days
and the wonderful, knowledgeable staff and volunteers
make any visit
an art lover's delight...
please make it a point to stop by.

Thanks Richard, you are the best!

JG Cutshall

Friday, June 15, 2012

His Work Steals My Breath...

Eternal Crown
image by Richard Cutshall
22" X 30'
Mixed Media on Paper

It's rare to view work that moves something inside of you...
work that stops you dead in your tracks...
work that steals your breath.

I feel so blessed to view (and live with) 
the work of Richard Cutshall.  
He ceaselessly delivers the type of work that artists admire...
he is truly an artists' artist.

His work doesn't sit stagnantly on a wall...
it seems to move or
transform, pulling the viewer in with its'
 hauntingly poignant content...
how can we turn away?  

Why would we?

At a time when so many artists are striving to say something...
forcing work that they think will get noticed...
Richard creates work from the depths
 of somewhere most of us can never access.

I hope one day you will have the privilege of viewing his work live. 

 Recently 5 pieces were selected to be included in the 
Rental Sales Gallery at
 The Portland Art Museum in 
Portland, Oregon.   
(show opens on June 23, 2012 
& these 5 pieces will be available for viewing for
 several months)

I will be posting photos of these 5 works in days to come, so please check back often.

And feel the power of work
 that begs eternity...

JG Cutshall

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Another Thought

"It's All In Your Head 6"
Image by Richard Cutshall

Like boulders the weight of our thoughts
can strain...

...creating walls of worry
towers to carry

They fill so much space 
elaborate networks have been created
 just to have 
places to put all the excess...

as bloggers, as pinners, as posters, as tweeters...

we have so much to say
so much to show

Our thoughts

our worries 

 could fill a city...

Image by
 Jennifer Gillia Custshall

Blogpost by JG Cutshall

Saturday, June 9, 2012

In Pursuit...

"Fools' Gold" 
Image by
Richard Cutshall
4" X 4"

He panned for days, for months, years...


a lifetime...

was it the panning that made him a fool
was it the glint in his eye every time the sun hit the pyrite just right?

so here we are
artists panning

for what...

 a thumbs up?

a like?

a follow?

a re-post?

In comparison he was the lucky one
with the sun on his back
the moon for a night light ...

and an endless supply of hope in his heart.

We keep panning...
 but we try to remember that the treasure is far from the pan...

Blessings to all artists...

may the pyrite in your pan turn to gold
may you find the beauty
under the dust...

JG Cutshall
Image : "It Lives & Dies in Cerrillos"
by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

Saturday, June 2, 2012

On Art making and the splendor of my husband in the studio...

On Art making and the splendor of my husband in the studio...

The space between finished work and success travels like a creek.. finding it's way to a stream, then (hopefully) meandering to a river,
and flowing through falls,
and eventually
 flooding into the great blue sea...

It is without hope that we make the work, the hope would be...                              
too distracting, too disruptive...
of course at times it creeps in through all manners of self awareness and creates the first dam in the river toward success.

I've watched my husband navigate these turbulent waters like a salmon...homing in...on death...on life.  Because like the salmon nothing comes between him and finding a path home (home for him, being his art).

My husband's way is with blackened fingers, a fevered hand, and the most beautiful line that seems to pull his hand across any expanse or media.

He is unstoppable and his ingenuity will flow until the energy of all his worth spills into the vastness that holds the magic of the last frontier.

JG Cutshall