Thursday, May 30, 2013

Herds, Locks, and the art of Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

"Fleeing The Torrent of Naysayers"

"A Galloping Truth"

"Halfway There"

"Lady Godivia's Veil"

"Liberating the Lost Tears"
"Epona's Infinite Fertility"

"Horse Drawn Neon"

"Late Awakening"

"Flight of the Horsebride"

"Artemis, Bearing The Weight of 1,000 Deaths"

"Tempus Gloria"

"All the King Women"
"A Queen Rises"

detail from "Late Awakening"
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Balloons, Party Hats, and ...

 ... the art of Richard Cutshall 

Birhday Beast

Secret Guest

One Day Closer

Try not to BLink

First Blush Shiner

A Gradual Cessation

All Unwrapped

An Earful

Disappearing Act

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post by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall