Friday, July 27, 2012

Fresh from the studio

From Limb to Limb
by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall
36" X 36"
acrylic on canvas

Now surfing the flame for sale:

by Richard Cutshall
63" X 50"
Original Mixed Media 
Created on Archival paper

Submerge yourself in great art now for sale,

Frayed Bridges
by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall
45" X 45"
Acrylic on Canvas
now available for purchase at our etsy site:

Snake Charmer
by Richard Cutshall
Original Contemporary Drawing by R. Cutshall
Mixed Media on archival paper
22" x 30"
now available on our etsy shop:

If you enjoyed these... there's much more to view online at our etsy shop
or view our work live at the following venues:
Jennifer has a solo exhibition at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center in Lubbock Texas
click on her name Jennifer Cutshall

Richard has work for viewing at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery

Jennifer has 3 pieces at the Pittock Mansion in Portland, OR (Let Us Speak Our Minds Exhibition)

Richard currently has a print at Benedictine University.

Richard has work at Metallo Gallery in Madrid, NM

3 Spirits Studio was selected to be part of the 2012 Portland Open Studio upcoming this fall...

Thank you so much for taking the time to view our work...
...may we be blessed to find viewers that see something new in the images we put out...
and may our viewers be blessed with a vision beyond our wildest dreams..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

An Opening to remember...

Welcoming shot from Richard Cutshall's opening
at the Firehouse Gallery in Grants Pass, OR this past  May

There's something about Richard Cutshall's work that makes viewers want to dig deeper.  His Excavation Show was aptly named, his work seems to unearth something from another time... ...another place. At times drawing people in and at other times visitors seemed to be pushed back by the guttural power of his pieces.

All in all, it was a wonderful opening night.  It was evident that viewers got much more than anticipated when they entered the space; the impact of the work showed on their faces.    While some sat quietly gazing, others clamored to have a chance to ask Richard about his inspiration.
Everyone seemed equally awestruck!

We wish you could have been there to share this incredible event with us…
it was truly a lovely show.


Friday, July 6, 2012

She Speaks Her Mind...

Lighting the Way
by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall
60" x 60"
see it @ the Pittock Mansion in Portland, Or

3 of my wife's pieces were selected for inclusion in the juried show,  Let Us Speak Our Minds: Contemporary Art Views on Women’s Right to Vote in Oregon
and her piece,"Lighting the Way" was awarded second place!  
Come see the show and her pieces (2 large paintings and a small drypoint) and view the 2 rivers and 5 mountains, to boot...amazing view from this picturesque spot in Portland.
Show opens July 13th and runs through November 13th

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Sizzling Spectacle

Detail of
Irfan Önürmen 

Panic, 2009 
Dimensions vary
C24 Gallery, Chelsea

A recent visit to NY proved to be steamy, pungent, and ripe with art...
As a native New Yorker I know that summertime in NY has its' challenges.  The temperatures, moreover the humidity marinates everything (including the garbage) into a sweltering stew... melding things together, but like anything great, there's always a price...
 and the heat and the olfactory assault seems a mere morsel (to pay) for the bounty of high art that fills every nook and cranny.  The artists we saw used materials in such a grounding way; creating  the permanency and timelessness that calls to the soul...
Irfan Önürmen 
Panic, 2009 
Dimensions vary
C24 Gallery, Chelsea
The use of newspaper in the above work seems to bring it back home (to the source)...the figure stands like a tree looking back at the work created from its' very being.

Evocative art  abounded in Chelsea galleries...
Installation view of Nicole Eisenman
@Leo Koenig Inc. in Chelsea

Monotype on paper
by Nicole Eisenman

One of our favorite stops on our trek around Chelsea was at Leo Koenig Inc. where we saw the raw work of Nicole Eisenman and Christopher Astley.  The charming and helpful staff was an added bonus.
Detail of Christopher Astley's installation, Mayhap
@ Leo Koenig, Inc. in Chelsea

by Hector Leonardi
now at Dillon Gallery in Chelsea
Dillon gallery was a breath of fresh air, literally.  They commission a scent artist for every show and Hector Leonardi's show was not only a stunning visual feast, but...
breathtaking, too...a refreshing relief from the a spa visit (our senses were satiated).
Print by Alex Van Gelder
 @ the Cheim & Reid Gallery in Chelsea

Section of installation by Bianca Casady
@ the Cheim & Reid Gallery in Chelsea
Cheim and Reid had haunting exhibits that capped off our day.

We visited well over 20 galleries in Chelsea and we still have over 200 to go in Chelsea alone!  It's hard to imagine anything better than art in matter the time of year... is as good as it gets...

JG Cutshall

Monday, July 2, 2012


"Lost Trails" by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall
see it at her solo show at LHUCA

My wife's upcoming solo show at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts in Lubbock, Texas opens again tonight AUGUST 3rd...

"From The Moon Of My Memory” showcases more than 20 of her recent works on canvas.

The show runs through the end of August.   If you're are in the area, please stop by to see  my wife's exciting artwork in such a fabulous space.   It's worth the trip!