Sunday, December 2, 2012

Abundance Explodes

Mi Madre Tienes Muchas Caras
by Richard Cutshall
Mixed Media on Paper 42" X84"
Richard has been no stranger to great art news since relocating to Portland...he has been in so many great shows and it seems they just keep on coming.

He has so much to look forward to...the following group shows are just a snapshot of the great things to come for the visionary artist, Richard Cutshall.

*Paper in Particular Columbia College in Missouri opening  (2/3/2012-3/3/2013)

*Tales They Told Us 3/22/2013-5/12/2013

*9x12 Works On Paper Current show, Fort Worth Community Arts Center (11/19/2012-12/2012)

*Mount Hood Community College Fcaulty Show Gresham, OR 1/3/2013-2/3/2013

*Linn Benton Community College and Mount Hood Community College Faculty Show at Clatsop Community College, Astoria, OR, 1/10/2013-2/14/2013

Abundance seems to be exploding for Richard and we couldn't feel happier!  I feel so proud to know that his  years of dedication and hard work are being recognized.  I know the best is yet to come and I can't wait to pop the cork when that watershed event materializes.

"Abundance Explodes"
by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall
Pen and Ink with watercolor on Paper
9 x 12
I too feel fortunate for being selected for the following upcoming shows:

*Feature Artist, Art on the Ridge, Seattle, WA (December 2012)

*99% Show, Rogue Community College, Grants Pass, OR (December 2012)

*9 x 12 Works On Paper, Fort Worth Community Arts Center (11/19/2012-12/2012)

*Au Natural International Exhibition, Clatsop Community College, Astoria, OR (2/21/2013-3/28/2013)

This time of year encourages reflection. We have been blessed and we are truly grateful.  We are thankful for our collectors, not just for their support, but for their attachment to our vision and their abilty to celebrate our process.
 It was about a year ago when we opened our etsy shop ( and we are so happy that we did.  We've met the most amazing people through our shop.  We are grateful every day for our etsy shop and our etsymates.  You know who you are...I did not want to list names (for privacy reasons), but you have been a gift to us.

The success of any artist may seem like a lonely affair and in a way it can be, but it is the procession of followers that propel our sails, so thank you during this season of exploding abundance. 
Thank you to our collectors, our etsymates, thank you Ron ( for always helping with techno, support, and humor. Thank you, thank you Betty...
  And thank you Beverly and Jerry, thank you, thank you, thank you (I truly tear up when I think of you, you are angels to us).  You are as much a part of the work as the paint and the canvas!  
by Richard Cutshall
Mixed Media on Paper
78" x 44.5"
May we always be blessed by a flowing Procession...

post by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall