Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our Favorite Art Supply Stores

Studio Cat 

It's no surprise that we love art supplies; all artists do.  The same way great chefs love fresh ingredients, artists seem to be drawn to the supplies that make their creative juices simmer!
 Here in Portland there's a virtual plethora of great independent art supply stores and we feel so lucky!  Sometimes we just browse the aisles and talk about how we could use different materials in the future.

We picked our top 3 favorite (all time) art supply stores below.  We encourage our readers to visit these independent beauties and leave the Chain Beasts behind for good...

In Portland we love
 "I've Been Framed"
4950 SE Foster Rd
Portland OR
for Great prices, the best framing guys,  knowledgeable staff, and just the right amount of Hodge Podge Savoir-faire

In New Mexico
"Artisan-Santa Fe"
for great prices, community engagement, and proximity to great green chile!
2601 Cerrillos Road
Santa, Fe, NM

And the # 1 pick ...
is from my hometown (New York)
"Pearl Paint"
for its' creaky stairs, its'many levels...
an entire landing is dedicated to mostly pencils...enough said, right?
but there's so much more...its proximity to great dumplings and pork buns... shop at Pearl Paint in New York is to imagine greatness...

We invite you to leave a comment and tell us about your favorite art supply store...
share the love for the little guy...

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