Saturday, October 20, 2012

Less is More

I preach that less is more in art (and in life) and today this sentiment proved true again.
Rain -the scene this morning outside the studio
the painted scene inside the Studio on the wall
This mornings' Portland Open Studios' second opener brought buckets of rain to the studio door, but not even a trickling of visitors spilled in until...

...the sun poured in! And along with it- a great collector named Duane.  He came in like a ray of sunshine.
You can find out more about Duane Snyder through his blog:
or his website

  He was closely followed by a lovely family of burgeoning art critics...
Zeeman and Jayden taking a closer look at
"From Limb to Limb"
"This one looks like a bug's eye view and this other one looks like a dream tornado destroying the nightmare,"commented young Zeeman.

"Or an Ocean City," his liitle brother Jayden added.

A trio of lovely ladies bustled in with great energy and attentive ears for my art ramblings...
Liz, Jacqueline, and Mickey
in front of "PreOcuppied II and Surrounded"
I really enjoyed talking with these fellow artists and it was neat to have a cast member from "Portlandia" in my studio (Mickey Ronningen in the yellow jacket).  I loved meeting these ladies!

Then I had the great pleasure of meeting Halina and Charla (below)...they asked such great questions...they could host their own talk show.
I had so much fun talking with them, too!

It was a day with less visitors, but I felt so blessed to meet the ones that stopped by...
 I hope my Portland Open Studios'  mates had the pleasure of meeting these amazing folks too.
Visit Portland Open Studios website to learn more about this uniquely PDX experience and come out tomorrow to meet 100 artists...
Thanks to all the great studio visitors made my day!

Post by Jennifer G Cutshall

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