Saturday, October 13, 2012

Opening Day

A shot of studio, all gussied up for Portland Open Studios Tour
This is my first year participating in the Portland Open Studios tour.   Rich and I had to clear out some of our studios to showcase my work and make room for the tour goers.  It felt good to get out from under layers of charcoal dust and paint splatter that had accumulated since our move to Portland.  Now I'm not saying that we don't clean up regularly, but I'll admit that we hadn't done an every nook and cranny clearing out in a while.   After all, our studios are in a 3 car garage structure, so it was easy to have that garage standard (of clean)... until Portland Open Studios, that is.  One of the visitors today even expressed a little disappointment at the cleanliness of the studio (I felt a pang of pride).
"Where's the paint splatter, the mess, the dust?" she asked.  "All the studios we've been to are all cleaned up."
There were so many great visitors today.  Interested and curious people that love to look at art (my favorite kind of people).  I kept thinking, this is such a great city to live in....a great city for artists!
Thanks for coming out to visit the studio...there are 3 more days of over 100 studios to see...
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I hope to see you at the studio...

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