Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Weight (and Lightness) Of It All...

"The Weight Of It All"
Image by Richard Cutshall
See it now at The Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery

         When we make work the weight of it seems to stay with us, until we reveal it to a larger audience...
then it seems light, almost distant (like it was never ours to begin with).  

Richard and I spent countless hours and many sleepless nights these past weeks preparing for upcoming shows. 
 I am so grateful to Richard for his help in preparing for my show in Texas.
 He sacrificed so much and almost missed his opening.

We had to help lift the 350 lb. crate (that Richard built to hold my work) onto the truck.  
The driver was 5 hours late.

After the crate was finally picked up...
 only 30 minutes remained of opening night...

We drove, parked, and walked to a splendid sight...

 ...a lovely opening at The Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery.
Richard's work majestically graced a back wall.
Art enthusiasts sprang up like daisies brightening the evening with warmth and an earnest vigor for everything art, everything Portland!

There's great work at the PAM Rental Sales Gallery these days
and the wonderful, knowledgeable staff and volunteers
make any visit
an art lover's delight...
please make it a point to stop by.

Thanks Richard, you are the best!

JG Cutshall


  1. A most interesting post to read.
    Good luck and have a peaceful Sunday.


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