Friday, November 2, 2012

The Hunter's Moon Warms the Night

There's no mistaking the hunter's moon. It's the brightest moon of all the seasons and it comes just in time...when the days are getting shorter.  It beckons the hungry hunter soul through the woods toward the clearing.

The Hunting Party
by Richard Cutshall
The Clearing
by Jennifer G Cutshall

Couples draw into eachother as fruit ripens...

The Couple
by Richard Cutshall

Detail from Ripened
by JG Cutshall

While a sinister sweetness bids murders of magpies to the streets...

The Light At the End of the Street
by JG Cutshall

Who's There
by Richard Cutshall

Who's there?

the shadows speak volumes

Speaking Volumes
by Richard Cutshall

and hills of chocolate are devoured

by Jennifer G Cutshall
by Richard Cutshall
As winter steals autumns' last breath the shine of the apple rolls into the earth and a path begs memories...
Winter Path
by Jennifer G Cutshall

A Rotting
By Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

Rainin’ buckets 
on pumpkins as big as moons
Stranded berries rot behind wire
constant dribbling
of input
like too much rain


roots need stretching
vines need curling

seedlings wither
 on the cushioned rump

wolves skulk the parks
schooling birds
to sing

 I can't believe how quickly the seasons turn.  May the hunter's moon brighten your nights and bring a winter' cache to your door.

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